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Copyright and the Queensland Government

I was doing some quick research on Creative Common licensing and came across two reports written this year for the Queensland Government dealing with copyright and use of government information online. They make interesting reading, though I have only managed to skim through both reports, they are large reports and rather hefty PDF files. Legal […]

eGovernment news feed

Vic eGovernment Resource Centre – RSS Feeds The Victoria eGovernment Resource Centre is an interesting collection of resources, with the expected Victorian eGovernment strategies, policies and website standards. In addition there plenty of information on international eGovernment initiatives and research. If you head over to their RSS feed page you will find three feeds, of […]

A wiki that is good in court

7th Circuit Practitioners Guide Wiki Hat tip to Anthony D. Williams for this one. Do not know the original source of quotes on Anthony’s post, but they are good. Chief Judge Frank H. Easterbrook As a group, the attorneys practicing before our court know more about appellate practice than any single person. With our wiki, […]

Ripped Off

Ripped Off blog The NSW Office of Fair Trading has created a blog which allows NSW consumers to tell their stories about being ripped off. Their conditions of use and moderation policy are fairly restrictive. To be fair, the Office of Fair Trading needs to protect themselves from somebody naming a business and then making […]

AGIMO not quite there yet

AGIMO consultation blog discussion paper

AGIMO consult blog cropped

So the first item I want to highlight is not making use of web 2.0 technology. It is a formal discussion paper about using a blog as a consultation tool, requiring formal written responses. That is the limit of technology, distribute a discussion paper as a PDF and allowing responses by email.

I am just cynical but using a pre-web consultation process on a project that would of been a great test case for a consultation blog, just seems old fashioned and excessively conservative. Has AGIMO not heard of iterative development.