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A Local Government gets it

Future Melbourne The City of Melbourne is using a wiki to consult with their stakeholders about the direction the city should take for future, to 2020 and beyond. The wiki is only one tool in consultation process, but I am very interested in seeing the direction this will take. Seeing this is first time a […]

the next step igovt

NZ’s Identity Verification Service I find it hard to believe the UN ranking New Zealand 10 spots below Australia (18th and 8th respectively) in their e-government readiness rankings. New Zealand are doing some of the most innovate work in the world in e-government, just look at the Police Act wiki. The latest challenge taken on […]


aka Spook 2.0

A wiki that covers a over a dozen different agency, with over 35,000 articles, 200,000 pages, 37,000 users, 100 new articles and 4,000 edits a day is pretty impressive. Especially when you find out the agencies involved are intelligence agencies who had reputation for being less than willing to share their information. It has to be said this is a very successful wiki implementation.

Bentley technology precinct

link to Bentley technology precinct blog

Finally a WA Gov blog?

Well not quite, it is a blog complete with comments, but it is not strictly from a WA State Government Agency. Bentley technology precinct is combined efforts of the WA Department of Industry and Resources, two local governments, the City of South Perth and the Town of Victoria Park and Curtin University of Technology.