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OpenID Pilot Program to be Announced by US Government

If this is true OpenID Pilot Program to be Announced by US Government is should a huge impact on identity management within government, even in Australia. If large agencies are willing to accept authentication from third parties, it means that users will no longer have to remember their username and password for each different agency […]

Using Facebook to find people

I was speaking to a friend in another WA State Government Department who mentioned in passing their section where using Facebook. Knowing their Department was extremely conservative and they where working in the legal section, I asked how. The legal enforcement unit is using Facebook to track down people. Some people make themselves difficult to […]

One of Gov 2.0 more challenging spaces

Like me, you may believe the social media space is dominated by greener side of politics and conservationists. So it would be a brave move for a Government trading enterprise established to develop and market timber resources to enter the social media arena. The Forrest Products Commission is doing that by making use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media tools