A Local Government gets it

Future Melbourne

The City of Melbourne is using a wiki to consult with their stakeholders about the direction the city should take for future, to 2020 and beyond.

The wiki is only one tool in consultation process, but I am very interested in seeing the direction this will take. Seeing this is first time a wiki has been used for this level of consultation as far as I know in Australia.

If it is successful and I expect it should be. I hope other Governments in Australia, on all levels, local, state and federal will look at using wikis or similar tools to provide non traditional methods of consultation.

One Response to “A Local Government gets it”

  1. FutureMelbourne

    Hi there and thanks for your post on Future Melbourne.

    You’re absolutely right in the fact that this is the first time a wiki has been used in Australia to consult with people about a city plan. In fact, as far as we can tell, this will be a world first on this scale.

    We’d like to mention that whilst the wiki is indeed one tool in our consultation suite, it is in fact the primary tool. We continue to offer more traditional consultation options as well in order to ensure those without computer/internet access are not disadvantaged.

    You might also like to check out our new look site, which has been redesigned especially for the public consultation period.

    Hope you get a chance to jump across and contribute. The wiki is open for public editing until 14 June!

    Future Melbourne Team