Bentley technology precinct

link to Bentley technology precinct blog

Finally a WA Gov blog?

Well not quite, it is a blog complete with comments, but it is not strictly from a WA State Government Agency. Bentley technology precinct is combined efforts of the WA Department of Industry and Resources, two local governments, the City of South Perth and the Town of Victoria Park and Curtin University of Technology.

The aim to promote the Bentley technology precinct as a centre for ICT development in WA and the region. And what better way than using a blog. A few cynics will say a blog is passe but it is far better than 10Mb PDF newsletters (which you can download from the site).

Seriously, this is an attempt to engage the community and hopefully it will become a good tool and an example to WA State Government agencies that blogs can be effective two way communication devices.

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