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AGIMO have a blog

The Web Publishing Guide Review AGIMO (the Australian Government Information Management Office) has a blog which is dedicated to the review of the Web Publishing Guide. Hopefully this blog will lead by example in showing how a Government department can communicate using a blog, lead to a more useful and usable Web Publishing Guide. As […]

Digital Economy Future Directions blog

Buried deep inside the Department of Broadband, Communications and Digital Economy is the two day old Digital Economy Future Directions blog. Unfortunately, the blog was set up by people without a good understanding of social media, this is apparent as you read through the about page. With a promise that a future post will be […]

Giving your blog a human face

Transportation Security Administration blog

Evolution of Security is the blog of the Transportation Security Administration and the most popular Government blog I have seen, with most recent posts averaging over a 100 comments.

One of the most interesting differences between this and most Government blogs …

LAFD gets web 2.0

Los Angles Fire Department blog

I was exploring SocialMedian beta when I can across a clip from Hyperkinesis on a post on the Los Angles Times blog about the Los Angles Fire Department’s use of twitter. The post was very interesting not only does the LAFD use Twitter, they blog and use YouTube, Flickr, Gabcast and Jaiku.

If an NFP can do it, why not a gov agency?

Red Cross MidWest Flooding

American Red Cross Mid West Flood online newsroom

Using, Flickr, Youtube and Twitter to keep the information flowing

My experience with NFP organisations, particularly the larger ones is that they are conservative in their approach to almost everything including new technology. So I was very surprised when I got pointed to the American Red Cross MidWest Flooding Online Newsroom thanks to Rex Hammock.

Bentley technology precinct

link to Bentley technology precinct blog

Finally a WA Gov blog?

Well not quite, it is a blog complete with comments, but it is not strictly from a WA State Government Agency. Bentley technology precinct is combined efforts of the WA Department of Industry and Resources, two local governments, the City of South Perth and the Town of Victoria Park and Curtin University of Technology.

2020 Summit community site

The aim of this site is to showcase government web2.0 sites, but in this case I will make an exception because the 2020 Summit community site shows what can be done quickly and on a nonexistent budget. On Monday morning there was a conversation on twitter between Laurel Papworth and Stephen Collins about the need […]


HREOC listening tour blog Now this is your traditional blog, running on WordPress and allowing comments to promote the Listening Tour of the HREOC Commissioner Broderick as she travels around Australia and to gather your feedback on the direction HREOC should take over the next five years. The comments are moderated as expected and are […]

Is this really a blog?

News blog of the Department of Defence By the Wikipedia definition of blog the News blog of the Department of Defence is a blog, is a website where entries are commonly displayed in reverse chronological order. However, like most people I expect a blog to allow the readers to interact, which is not the case […]

Ripped Off

Ripped Off blog The NSW Office of Fair Trading has created a blog which allows NSW consumers to tell their stories about being ripped off. Their conditions of use and moderation policy are fairly restrictive. To be fair, the Office of Fair Trading needs to protect themselves from somebody naming a business and then making […]