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This site has not been abandoned

It is just I have not spent enough time searching out Government sites that do the right thing recently. I can’t promise that it will change in the near future, but I want to keep this site running to promote Government sites doing the right thing with web 2.0. So if you know of any […]

Why government agencies need a social media strategy

This is the first in a series of posts about government agencies and social media strategies. Recently, I had a bad experience with Transperth, so I blogged about my experience. I was wondering how Transperth should respond, when I found I was invited to contribute to the Office of eGovernments’s updating of the Guidelines for […]

The joy of letting go

I am not your typical IT person, I am definitely think of myself as part of the communication in ICT. Providing assistance in the technological side of communicating over the internet. Yet I behaved like your typical IT person when asked to find a blogging solution a year ago. I wanted a local install of […]

Are US politicians scared of social media?

Technosailor has just posted US Congress trying to stop Representatives from using social media. Apparently the Franking Commission, created to govern how Congress used their right to mail letters to constituents for free, does not like online communications from Congress from any other source than a space. While the original letter (which is available […]