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AGIMO have a blog

The Web Publishing Guide Review AGIMO (the Australian Government Information Management Office) has a blog which is dedicated to the review of the Web Publishing Guide. Hopefully this blog will lead by example in showing how a Government department can communicate using a blog, lead to a more useful and usable Web Publishing Guide. As […]

Using Facebook to find people

I was speaking to a friend in another WA State Government Department who mentioned in passing their section where using Facebook. Knowing their Department was extremely conservative and they where working in the legal section, I asked how. The legal enforcement unit is using Facebook to track down people. Some people make themselves difficult to […]

One of Gov 2.0 more challenging spaces

Like me, you may believe the social media space is dominated by greener side of politics and conservationists. So it would be a brave move for a Government trading enterprise established to develop and market timber resources to enter the social media arena. The Forrest Products Commission is doing that by making use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media tools

Commonwealth Government 2.0 Taskforce visits Perth

I was fortunate enough to get along to both the Commonwealth Government 2.0 Taskforce roundtable and the roadshow. The roundtable could be seen as getting the big end of town (I was the only male not wearing a tie, but hey I was on holidays) together and talking about the issues. The problem was most […]

Doing Facebook right

I was invited by the Ark Group to present at their Web 2.0 for Business seminar on how the State Library was using Web 2.0 applications. The presentation before mine was from the Office of Crime Prevention, which is part of the WA Police Department on their use of Facebook for School Leavers week. They […]

Digital Economy Future Directions blog

Buried deep inside the Department of Broadband, Communications and Digital Economy is the two day old Digital Economy Future Directions blog. Unfortunately, the blog was set up by people without a good understanding of social media, this is apparent as you read through the about page. With a promise that a future post will be […]

Victorian Premier has a YouTube channel

I was following a link from the Victorian eGovernment Resource Centre feeds (highly recommend, you will find the links on the home page), to the online forum about a report into Melbourne’s east-west transport needs. I was a little disappointed to the find that the forum appears to be a glorified IRC chat session. However, […]

Somebody is doing it right in the space

There is one government agency in Western Australia who is being innovative. Their web site is very ordinary, their trip planner is clunky and do not try to download timetables. However, it is outside their website where their innovation lives.

A Local Government gets it

Future Melbourne The City of Melbourne is using a wiki to consult with their stakeholders about the direction the city should take for future, to 2020 and beyond. The wiki is only one tool in consultation process, but I am very interested in seeing the direction this will take. Seeing this is first time a […]

Bentley technology precinct

link to Bentley technology precinct blog

Finally a WA Gov blog?

Well not quite, it is a blog complete with comments, but it is not strictly from a WA State Government Agency. Bentley technology precinct is combined efforts of the WA Department of Industry and Resources, two local governments, the City of South Perth and the Town of Victoria Park and Curtin University of Technology.