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Site demographics

Google Analytics, is a great tool for analysing site usage and find out a little about your visitors. Like almost 85% of traffic to the State Library website is from Australia, and the great majority from Perth. With a few exceptions, for example the visitors to the music library pages are more likely to be […]

A few good blogs about eGov

One of the reasons I started this blog, there was very few blogs in the eGov space. I recently discovered three blogs covering the space and if you are interest I highly recommend you subscribed to their feeds. Whitehall Webby – digital media in government Emma Mulqueeny extended reach However, my favourite recent discovery […]

What was on in Canberra this week

aka living on the wrong side of Oz Sometimes I am just stuck on the wrong side of Australia, Ruth Ellison just posted some excellent upcoming events and I am only a little jealous, particularly: Canberra Web Standard Group Canberra Web Standards Group is happening tomorrow! We have two interesting topics covering GovDex: a tool […]

2020 Summit community site

The aim of this site is to showcase government web2.0 sites, but in this case I will make an exception because the 2020 Summit community site shows what can be done quickly and on a nonexistent budget. On Monday morning there was a conversation on twitter between Laurel Papworth and Stephen Collins about the need […]

Copyright and the Queensland Government

I was doing some quick research on Creative Common licensing and came across two reports written this year for the Queensland Government dealing with copyright and use of government information online. They make interesting reading, though I have only managed to skim through both reports, they are large reports and rather hefty PDF files. Legal […]