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Some big names using a wiki

The Federal Computer Week’s Who’s using wikis is a short list of large US federal agencies who are using wikis. Just the agency name, the wiki name and a very brief summary. Just enough for you to do further research, for example Intellipedia and Diplopedia have detailed wikipedia entries. Or to convince doubters that wikis […]

A Local Government gets it

Future Melbourne The City of Melbourne is using a wiki to consult with their stakeholders about the direction the city should take for future, to 2020 and beyond. The wiki is only one tool in consultation process, but I am very interested in seeing the direction this will take. Seeing this is first time a […]


aka Spook 2.0

A wiki that covers a over a dozen different agency, with over 35,000 articles, 200,000 pages, 37,000 users, 100 new articles and 4,000 edits a day is pretty impressive. Especially when you find out the agencies involved are intelligence agencies who had reputation for being less than willing to share their information. It has to be said this is a very successful wiki implementation.

A wiki that is good in court

7th Circuit Practitioners Guide Wiki Hat tip to Anthony D. Williams for this one. Do not know the original source of quotes on Anthony’s post, but they are good. Chief Judge Frank H. Easterbrook As a group, the attorneys practicing before our court know more about appellate practice than any single person. With our wiki, […]