Commonwealth Government 2.0 Taskforce visits Perth

I was fortunate enough to get along to both the Commonwealth Government 2.0 Taskforce roundtable and the roadshow.

The roundtable could be seen as getting the big end of town (I was the only male not wearing a tie, but hey I was on holidays) together and talking about the issues. The problem was most those issues where still web1.0 issues like accessibility and not web2.0 issues like effective engagement.

What the roundtable reinforced for me, other than WA is falling well behind the Commonwealth and other states, was that local councils had the most to gain from adopting web2.0 tools.

The stories where surprisingly familiar, one local council decided it was time to put itself on facebook. Only to find that there where already 8 groups on facebook used by staff to engage the ratepayers. The surprise was the IT manager proudly claiming, the most effective was for a council run festival which had over 600 friends and is now was being used as the example of how the council can use facebook effectively.

The roadshow was a collection of familiar faces from a number of state government agencies and a mix of people I did not know from the commonwealth, state and local government and even a couple from the private sector. This time the issues where web2.0, particularly rules of engagement, including legal issues and getting executive support.

The great majority are waiting for the directive from above, along with a neat package of guidelines on how to use web2.0 to engage their clients. The minority are out there doing it, starting with small pilot projects and using the success of these to convince executive to continue these projects and explore other possibilities.

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