One of Gov 2.0 more challenging spaces

Like me, you may believe the social media space is dominated by greener side of politics and conservationists. So it would be a brave move for a Government trading enterprise established to develop and market timber resources to enter the social media arena. The Forrest Products Commission is doing just that by making use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media tools

The real question is if the Forrest Products Commission can operate in what could be considered enemy territory, why are other agencies with less controversial roles, making uses of these tools?

One Response to “One of Gov 2.0 more challenging spaces”

  1. Michael Harris

    Its an interesting question you pose, and suprisingly from what we have seen to date the various groups we may have disagreements with from time to time don’t really seem to engage in the social media space as much as one might expect.

    One of the positives of being in this space, is that if these groups decide to use the social media space to engage on their issues – we’re able to have an open and honest discussion about it for everyone to see.

    As with any Government or corporate entity, you need to engage with ‘opposition’ groups wisely and make sure that you stick to positions which are truthful, beleivable and will stand up to detailed scruitiny.