Why government agencies need a social media strategy

This is the first in a series of posts about government agencies and social media strategies. Recently, I had a bad experience with Transperth, so I blogged about my experience. I was wondering how Transperth should respond, when I found I was invited to contribute to the Office of eGovernments’s updating of the Guidelines for […]

Giving your blog a human face

Transportation Security Administration blog

Evolution of Security is the blog of the Transportation Security Administration and the most popular Government blog I have seen, with most recent posts averaging over a 100 comments.

One of the most interesting differences between this and most Government blogs …

The joy of letting go

I am not your typical IT person, I am definitely think of myself as part of the communication in ICT. Providing assistance in the technological side of communicating over the internet. Yet I behaved like your typical IT person when asked to find a blogging solution a year ago. I wanted a local install of […]

AGIMO not quite there yet

AGIMO consultation blog discussion paper

AGIMO consult blog cropped

So the first item I want to highlight is not making use of web 2.0 technology. It is a formal discussion paper about using a blog as a consultation tool, requiring formal written responses. That is the limit of technology, distribute a discussion paper as a PDF and allowing responses by email.

I am just cynical but using a pre-web consultation process on a project that would of been a great test case for a consultation blog, just seems old fashioned and excessively conservative. Has AGIMO not heard of iterative development.