Selling the idea of a Social Media Strategy

I agree with Jeremiah Owyang when he wrote How to Overcome Social Media Scare Tactics. You can not scare conservative organisation like government agencies into adopting social media and radical change by using fear of missing out next big thing. It must be more subtle and less dramatic than that. Though that does not mean you can not use fear as tool to get an agency moving along the path to social media.

Social Media Strategy and Social Media Policy in Government

I have spent over ten years in various Policy and Communications units in the Government and while trying to not sound like an extra from the Hollowmen, there is a subtle difference between strategy and policy. Strategies set the targets, policies are methods for getting there.

Communications Strategy

Most Government Departments have a Communications Strategy, which should be a high level document which broad terms define the communication aims of the agency …

Why government agencies need a social media strategy

This is the first in a series of posts about government agencies and social media strategies. Recently, I had a bad experience with Transperth, so I blogged about my experience. I was wondering how Transperth should respond, when I found I was invited to contribute to the Office of eGovernments’s updating of the Guidelines for […]