LAFD gets web 2.0

Los Angles Fire Department blog

I was exploring SocialMedian beta when I can across a clip from Hyperkinesis on a post on the Los Angles Times blog about the Los Angles Fire Department’s use of twitter. The post was very interesting not only does the LAFD use Twitter, they blog and use YouTube, Flickr, Gabcast and Jaiku.

Are US politicians scared of social media?

Technosailor has just posted US Congress trying to stop Representatives from using social media. Apparently the Franking Commission, created to govern how Congress used their right to mail letters to constituents for free, does not like online communications from Congress from any other source than a space. While the original letter (which is available […]

If an NFP can do it, why not a gov agency?

Red Cross MidWest Flooding

American Red Cross Mid West Flood online newsroom

Using, Flickr, Youtube and Twitter to keep the information flowing

My experience with NFP organisations, particularly the larger ones is that they are conservative in their approach to almost everything including new technology. So I was very surprised when I got pointed to the American Red Cross MidWest Flooding Online Newsroom thanks to Rex Hammock.