Victorian Premier has a YouTube channel

I was following a link from the Victorian eGovernment Resource Centre feeds (highly recommend, you will find the links on the home page), to the online forum about a report into Melbourne’s east-west transport needs. I was a little disappointed to the find that the forum appears to be a glorified IRC chat session. However, tucked in the right hand corner of that page was a link to the Premier’s You Tube channel.

It is good to finally see a second Australian politician (or a media advisor), see the web and YouTube as a good way to get their message across. The 70 videos are short, most around two minutes and not all feature the Premier. Like this short second life version of Melbourne laneways.

For those non-Australian, the Premier of Victoria is the leader of the ruling party in the Victorian Parliament, the second most populated state in Australia. Roughly equivalent to a Governor of American state.

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